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Introducing a new paradigm of telematic solutions.

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Complete Access

Full insight into the state of your operation at the tip of your fingers.

Our DOT-Link portal enables constant access to the position and status of your asset, fleet and cargo, improving operational costs and efficiency.


Durable Technology

Our devices are designed to stand the test of time. High Quality materials and long-lasting power supplies ensure long lifespans. and eliminate the need for maintenance, even in the toughest environments.

Device collection

Sustainability first

The operational business takes place in our facility in Leobendorf near Vienna, where we operate a photo voltaic plant with 178 kWp. With a yearly energy production of 200.000 kWh, we produce sustainably and are completely energy self-sufficient.

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Maximum Safety

All of our devices* are certified to the highest ATEX standards, allowing for use in the most sensitive conditions, such as the transport of chemical materials.

Sensor S3

*Apart from the sensor S3HUM